Doctor Who Series 7.5 – An Abundance of Trailers

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BBC’s Doctor Who will be returning on March 30th. All fans of the show have had this date marked on their calendars for months now, but BBC has continued to release media teasing the upcoming season (half-season, really). The trailer for Series 7.5 has been out for a while now. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is:

This one is very focused on Clara Oswald. She is Doctor’s new companion, introduced in “Asylum of the Daleks” and again in the Christmas special “The Snowmen.” In both she is the same woman…but from two different times.

On March 16th, another trailer for the season was released via BBC’s YouTube channel, titled “New Series 7 Launch Trailer 2013.”

This one seems to be more “scary finale”-themed…because if the Doctor is afraid, then you should be too. Plus it’s got that bass-y sound from Inception that has taken the place of music in trailers these days…

On March 18th, YouTuber “PlanetProductions123” posted an exclusive clip from the first episode of Season 7.5 (“The Bells of Saint John“) in which the Doctor, dressed as a monk, talks to Clara in her house.

Clara is having none of his shenanigans. This is evidently before the two become best buds.

There are lots of old villains (ah, the old standby, those faithful Cybermen) plus the introduction of several new ones. According to the BBC Doctor Who Blog, the villains in “The Bells of Saint John” are called “the Spoonheads.” Very intimidating. This, however, brings us to the next trailer on the list:

“The Bells of Saint John” TV trailer, released on the 23rd (also via BBC’s YouTube channel).

I’m pretty sure that Clara is holding that teacup the entire episode.


Spot the difference!
Answer: one of them has a guy standing in it.

Anyway, we can see that Doctor Who seems to be taking on a decidedly more modern vibe, with an episode about creatures affecting the WiFi and people holding tablets. Plus, the new interior of the TARDIS looks like a cheaply-made imitation of an Apple product. Compared to the previous TARDIS (shown below), this one makes me think that some set designer just threw up his hands and said, “Screw it! We’re going to make a tardis_five_doctorscliché science-fiction-y metal box that looks like a clone of Peter Davidson’s TARDIS and add some blinking lights. No one’ll notice the difference.”tardis_4

  Also released on the 23rd was a prequel trailer to “The Bells of Saint John.”

The Doctor keeps meeting Clara Oswald through time. This version is a little girl…and the Doctor doesn’t even realize she is Clara. Viewers who have seen Season 5 will draw parallels between this minisode and the Doctor’s introduction to former companion Amy Pond when she was a young child. Hopefully this one’s more than just a rebound…

p016hfj6Next up…just yesterday we were allowed yet another morsel: a teaser entitled “The Doctor Changes,” in which our friendly neighborhood Time Lord enters the TARDIS dressed as a monk for reasons unknown and, also for reasons unknown changes his wardrobe. Wait a moment and let that sink in. He exchanges his class tweed jacket and cream shirt for a knee-length, dark purple coat (I believe the color is called “grape”), a lighter purple vest (lavender?) and a very light purple-blue shirt (I give up). Of course he still has the bow tie, but it is now a very dark purple color and looks quite ratty. The point? The Doctor’s got new

The Doctor's bowtie is a clip-on! 'Tis a stab in the heart!

The Doctor’s bow tie is a clip-on! ‘Tis a stab to the heart!

clothes! Lucky for him they’re not invisible. Plus, he seems to have developed an obsession with the color purple. Dunno if you noticed.

Also released yesterday is a minisode entitled “Demon’s Run: Two Days Later” outlining how Strax came to join forces with Vastra and Jenny after the Battle of Demon’s Run in “A Good Man Goes to War.” This would have been more appropriate had it been released before the Christmas special aired, when the three are shown as a crime-fighting team.

And now, finally, we’ve reached today, the 27th!

First we have “Plane Hurtling to Disaster,” which gives us a bit more context for the clip in the “Bells of Saint John” trailer.

Looks terribly exciting, though I doubt the two dead (unconscious?) pilots would concur. Next up, we meet someone named “Miss Kizlet,” who is shown to be far less jolly than her name would suggest.

Seems like a pleasant woman. And definitely not unreasonable.

Jokes aside, this trailer gives us valuable information about the “Spoonheads,” or as Miss Kizlet prefers, “Servers.” From the TV trailer, we know they can control people’s minds. “Splice [Clara] a computer skills package” could mean any number of things, though it sounds like whoever controls the Spoonheads wants the unwitting Oswald to…know how to use computers. Why? Only Moffat knows. And the entire cast and crew of Doctor Who. The fact that the creatures “live in the WiFi” could mean that they can immediately upload information to people’s brains, though according to the TV trailer they are in fact “harvesting” them. The bottom line? Miss Kizlet is not a nice lady.

BBC will likely be releasing more trailers every day as the 30th draws near. Get excited!

Neek about it!

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