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First Ender’s Game Movie Poster Released via Yahoo! Movies and Ender’s Game Tumblr

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Harrison Ford plays Graff. Despite the fact that the colonel is supposed to be rather disgustingly overweight, I think Ford can pull it off.

Harrison Ford intimidates Ender as Hyrum Graff. Despite the fact that the colonel is supposed to be rather disgustingly overweight, I think Ford can pull it off.

At noon today, after fans had been chewing on several rather mundane photos of Battle School from Summit for a while now, Yahoo! Movies released the first ever Ender’s Game movie poster. The poster can also be found at the official Ender’s Game Tumblr. What the poster brings that the previous photos didn’t is our first look at the Battle Room. Now, if you haven’t read the book, the Battle Room was written as a large, closed, cubic room with zero gravity in which the students at Battle School played a tactically challenging game very similar to laser

Hailee Steinfeld as Petra Arkanian chats with Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin in the cafeteria. I'm appreciating the S.H.I.E.L.D.-esque scoreboard in the background.

Hailee Steinfeld as Petra chats with Asa Butterfield as Ender in the cafeteria. I’m appreciating the S.H.I.E.L.D.-esque scoreboard in the background.

tag. Except, you know, while floating around. The writers evidently thought that was too mundane, making the room spherical and transparent. Even though I feel some remorse over losing another aspect of the book, the final product looks pretty awesome. But if they screw up any scenes within the Room itself, no amount of movie magic can save them from the wrath of the rabid fans.

In the poster you can see Continue reading

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Star Trek: Into Darkness – International Trailer and Extended Version Released

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On the 21st, Paramount released the Star Trek: Into Darkness international trailer.

250px-BadRobotLOGONEWThen, this morning, J.J. Abrams’ production company’s twitter feed linked to an extended version of the trailer. It’s only several seconds longer than the first – the two are nearly identical. The only difference is that the “extended” one has slightly longer establishing shots with labels telling the viewer which city they are seeing. Therefore, I will cover both trailers in one review.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 6.18.38 PM

Look at those lovely lens flares…

What to expect from the movie itself so far: explosions, awesome futuristic cities (that aerial shot of Starfleet HQ over nighttime San Fran looks amazing), plus a very Star Wars-y moment in which Kirk flies a ship that is the spitting image of the Millennium Falcon through a very narrow rift/air duct in what may be a space station. Abrams seems to have pulled back somewhat on the lens flares – they only seem to crop up in every other shot, as opposed to every…single…one. He did get a lot of flak for his overuse of the technique in the 2009 adaptation, even admitting himself that they were “overdone, in some places.” Ya think, J.J.? Also, I’m getting a noticeable Khan/Gary Mitchell vibe from Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, the so-called “John Harrison.” Namely: “ ‘I am better.’ ‘At what?’ ‘At everything.’ ” Way to toot your own horn there, Kahn/Gary Mitchell/Garth of Izar/whoever the heck John Harrison is.

Allons-y…let’s get into a full-on dissection of this trailer. Continue reading

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