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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer (Recap)

Neek about it!

Slated for release on November 22nd, we are finally awarded several tidbits from the movie Catching Fire in this trailer (which was released on the 14th). Doubtless there will be many more like it in the coming months.



This trailer focuses on the preamble to the Quarter Quell as opposed to the Quell itself, which I think was an interesting choice. We are shown a heck of a lot of courtyard scenes, which look like they were all shot in the same place. We also see President Snow and Plutarch Heavensbee (I am refraining from making snarky jokes about the pretentiousness of this name, I really am) discussing the fate of Katniss Everdeen. I liked that the trailer wasn’t all action and explosions and running (though done well, those kinds of trailers can still be great). The destruction of the symbol that is Katniss is a sophisticated subject to use for the first trailer. However, I do wish there’d been some other shots spliced in with all the courtyards and Peacekeepers.

How could this trailer be more awesome?Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 11.32.32 PM

I would have liked to see more news coverage of the story, similar to that one shot where we see Caesar Flickerman exclaim “Katniss EverDEEN, the Girl on Fire!” in front of a huge screen as she walks through a party sporting yet another ridiculous hairstyle. Also, although I understand that refraining from displaying footage of the Games both heightens the hype for the movie and retains dramatic tension for people who’ve read the books, some action shots interspersed between courtyard scenes could have been cool. For example: Peeta and Katniss walk out onto a stage in some District‘s courtyard. Brief cut to a chase sequence within the Quarter Quell. Cut back to the courtyard, where we see a clapping crowd. Snow is talking to Plutarch about Katniss. He continues, voicing over a quick shot from the Quell. Cut back to the courtyard. Etc. Also, I wish there had been more levity. Yes, there are some Serious Topics being covered here. Yes, there wasn’t much humor in the book. Yes, this is just a two-minute trailer that in no way represents the entire movie. Still, as any fan of Joss Whedon will tell you, humor breaks tense moments and does not have to detract from the overall seriousness of a film. Showing these moments in the trailer gives people incentive to see the film. We go to the movies to be entertained, and humor is definitely entertaining.

So, all in all: this was an enticing first trailer that leaves a little to be desired in terms of shot variety but still gets us excited for the sequel to Hunger Games.

Neek about it!