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May the Fourth be With You!

Neek about it!

Yes, it is the birthday of the famous pun – as well as one of the two Star Wars Days in May! Fans consider the day to be significant partially because of its relevance to the May Fourth Movement, an anti-imperialist political and cultural campaign originating in China and echoing the themes of the original movies.

When Margret Thatcher was elected as Britain’s first woman prime minister, her party placed an advertisement in the newspaper which read “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.”

So go and re-watch all the old films. (Not the prequels. We do not speak of them here.) Grab some popcorn and your Yoda plushie. (Yes, I know you have one. Go get it.) Plop down, put your feet up, and bask in the nostalgia of those opening strains of the theme…

Neek about it!

Music for a Sunny, Neekly Day

Neek about it!

Today is the first cloudless day I’ve seen for far too long, and in a vitamin D-induced fit of euphoria have decided to give you a list of music I’ve been playing throughout the day that reflects my mood. Ready?

517ftTJumaL._SL500_AA300_Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra (lyrics)

There is no better song to describe my current situation.

Sun is shinin’ in the sky / There ain’t a cloud in sight / It’s stopped rainin’ / Ev’rybody’s in a play / And don’t you know / It’s a beautiful new day (hey, hey)


A Beatlesque rock anthem with excessively upbeat backing and chordal structure. Plus, it was featured in Doctor Who Series 2 Episode 10, “Love and Monsters” as main character (and avid ELO fan) Elton Pope’s favorite song. There’s a scene at the beginning of the episode in which he is vlogging and starts to dance to it in his bedroom, which was quite funny. And stop hating on Love and Monsters! Yes, the Abzorbaloff was atrocious. But that’s not what the story was about. Plus, Moaning Myrtle!

cd-coverI’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers (lyrics)

Listening to this song, I feel…enlivened. It’s got a simple chord pattern and repetitive lyrics, a bouncy tempo and Scottish accents. All in all, it’s a cheery song that adds a smile to the day.

Plus, it was featured in this awesome Doctor Who Cast and Crew video, which was part of the David Tennant and Russell T. Davies wrap party.

tumblr_mgxqdoS7Gh1r2st53o1_coverGood Morning Sunshine by Alex Day (lyrics)

My favorite part of this song has to be the backing chorus. There’s a touch of sadness in it, but that only amplifies the overall warmth of the song.


Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles (lyrics)

All right, while not technically a neeky band or song, the Fab Four still deserve a spot on this playlist with “Good Day Sunshine,” a poppy tribute to love in the sunlight.


This Isn’t Hogwarts! by Hank Green (lyrics)

Though the first words of the song are “I hate this place,” the song is quite fun and it’s just awesome to see Hank rocking out about Hogwarts. A bit less playful and somewhat more angsty than the previous four songs I mentioned, “This Isn’t Hogwarts” really represents America’s public school system very well. It’s also just a great song for neeks, Nerdfighters, Harry Potter fans, and people who enjoy an amusing, well-written song.

Primeday by Teddiefilms

This parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has got to be the best remake I have ever seen of an absolutely terrible song. Take “Friday;” remove all tween romance, high school, and drama; add Star Wars and small chubby dude playing Leia, and what do you get? The masterpiece of modern YouTube that is “Primeday.”

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed my list of several songs that embodied today in all its sunshine-filled glory.


Neek about it!