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Four Reasons Why the Doctor’s Name Won’t be Revealed in 50th Anniversary Special “The Name of the Doctor”

Neek about it!

1. The show would have to be renamed.

Doctor Who is centered around the idea that the Doctor doesn’t have a real name, just a self-awarded title. If he suddenly got a name, they wouldn’t be able to call it Doctor Who anymore.

tumblr_mm4uqdinNf1s6k3z5o1_4002. The uproar would be absurd.

If the Doctor’s name was revealed, Moffat would have to face the wrath of thousands of angry die-hard fans. People don’t want the mystery to be spoiled.

3. There’s no way the chosen name would please the majority of fans.

People have individual preferences based on a million different factors in their lives. If a name was picked, a vast number of people would not approve of it for one reason or another.

4. It’s much more fun not knowing, and the Moff is aware of this.

-The-Shakespeare-Code-Gifs-doctor-who-33215974-245-200Mystery is what makes people return to movie theaters and television sets, buy new products and go new places and see new things. We love wondering at the enigma that is the Doctor, trying to figure out all that we can about him at every opportunity. Names have power, as noted in “The Shakespeare Code.” Once something is laid out on a cold marble slab, analyzed and defined – then it loses its magic.

So, what will happen instead?

We will find out why the Doctor’s name can never, ever be revealed. The consequences of the mere possibility of the unveiling of his name will be so great that there will be no doubt that it must remain secret.

Neek about it!