What do these crazy menus mean?

Neek about it!

If you’re unsure, here’s a guide to all toolbar items on NeekTopia. Disclaimer: wild, feral menus may be undocumented. Continue at your own risk.

Feed: No, you will not find food here. Instead, this nifty button takes you to a timeline of everything posted to NeekTopia, with most recent articles first. This is the home page, the heart of the website. Use it wisely.

Neekly News: I post worthy news stories here, from findings in a particular field to OH MY GOD A NEW STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS TRAILER WAS JUST RELEASED to Hey! It’s the anniversary of something!

SciFi and SciFact: This is where you will find posts regarding scientific discoveries that are making science fiction a reality. The more recent ones can also be found within “Neekly News.”

Reviews: Should be relatively self-explanatory. I review a plethora of things, from books to movies to TV episodes to radio series…you get the idea. I rarely give 5-star reviews, so when you see something with a 4-star rating…I still think it’s really great.

About: Also fairly self-explanatory. I explain the origins of NeekTopia (the website) and “neektopia” (the word). Plus bash Merriam-Webster a teensy bit. What, who said I couldn’t have some fun?

Enjoy your stay in NeekTopia! Complimentary Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters are offered to returning visitors.

Neek about it!

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